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ALESTIS AEROSPACE is a Key Aerostructure Supplier (Tier-1) to major aircraft OEM’s.




ALESTIS designs, manufactures and assembles aerostructures for main OEM´s worldwide in the aeronautical sector. Considered a Tier-1, is a leader in manufacturing technologies of composite materials.

Programs &products

We generate value through the product development for the global aeronautical market.


People are the Alestis more relevant asset: Company´s success lies in talent, creativity and technological knowledge.




We are based in Spain. We have 6 facilities, one of them in Brazil and 2 Engineering offices.



Since last September 1, the reorganization of the production areas and workflows at the plant are the reality in which the teams from San Pablo and Aerópolis coexist...


Alestis publishes the Decalogue of measures against COVID-19

Since last March, the Company has worked hard to rigorously comply with all the measures and recommendations to deal with COVID-19...

Política de Privacidad

To the security measures implemented due to the emergence of the health crisis of COVID19, the Company has added a series of extraordinary measures...

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