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Sustainability actions

Alestis maintains an active dialogue and channels for cooperation with its stakeholders, among others, through various social actions. The goal is to improve the quality of life of people in the communities in which we operate.

We encompass our sustainability actions in three blocks: Best corporate practices, Corporate Social Responsibility and Safety, Health and Environment. 

Social commitment

360º perspective

Promotion of employee listening

  • Alestis Breakfast Program

  • Climate survey

  • Health programs

  • COVID-19 vaccination

  • ESG Reports to Stakeholders

  • Sustainability Report

  • Support the development of local communities

  • CSR initiatives


Best corporate practices

Corporate Policies

  • Crime Prevention Manual

  • Safety, Health and Environment Policy 

  • Human Rights Sub-Policy

Ethics and Compliance

  • Ethics and Compliance Committee

  • 24-hour Complaints and Inquiries Channel (Internal and external)

Green transition through reduced environmental impact

  • ISO14001 Certification Vitoria

  • Environmentally friendly technologies

  • RTM

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Development of new uses for hydrogen

Alestis Aerospace's commitment to society materializes in the development and promotion of initiatives focused on improving people's quality of life through sponsorship, patronage and other forms of collaboration.

In recent years, Alestis Aerospace has developed the following Corporate Social Responsibility programs:

Foto acción social_edited.jpg

Corporate Social Responsibility

Food Bank

We collaborate with the food bank through food collection campaigns among employees.

Dibuja Su Navidad

Alestis donates an economic amount to a non-profit association for each participant in the children's drawing contest for the corporate Christmas card. Through this project we have collaborated witCruz Roja, Intermón Oxfam, Pequeño Deseo Fundación and the soup kitchens "Congregación Filipenses Hijas de María Dolorosa" and "Hijas de la Caridad de San Vicente de Paúl". 

Training and Diversity

Within this field, Alestis has developed projects with Randstad Foundation, Adecco Foundation and AFANAS

Donations and Sponsorships

Alestis has collaborated with Madre Coraje, Impacto Solidario, Proyecto Hombre and ARUS.

Espacio Común

Alestis employees propose and select two non-profit entities as beneficiaries of a total donation of €20,000. The company has collaborated with Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation, Prolibertas Foundation, Pablo Ugarte Association, Seville Association of Equestrian Therapies, Aspademis, Down Cádiz, Pablo de Olavide University Foundation.

Plan Sumamos

Vaccination Plan against COVID-19.

Health and environmental safety

We are aware of the impact of our activity on the environment. In this sense, we are committed to carrying out sustainable business practices that respect the environment, being our obligation to minimize the impacts of our activity, effectively manage waste, conserve and save energy and other resources.

If you want to contact the Safety, Health and Environment area, you can do so through the following email:

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