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#Weare efr: We renew the conciliation certification

This week Alestis has received from the Másfamilia Foundation the official renewal of the efr certification after the audit process carried out during the month of February.

What does this certification mean?

This certification represents the recognition by the Másfamilia Foundation of the effort made by the company to advance in the implementation of measures that contribute to the balance in the personal and professional lives of all the people who make up Alestis.

“Achieving the renewal of the family-responsible company certification excites us and gives us an impulse to continue working on the development of measures that promote the family-company balance. That after the first 3 years we have managed to maintain the certification with a good rating as a proactive company in this matter, we find it very gratifying because it is indicative that we are working in the right direction in terms of conciliation”. EFR Alestis Team

What did the process consist of?

The audit process carried out by Aenor and validated by the Foundation, carries out exhaustive monitoring of the implementation of the EFR model in the Organization, through the monitoring of its processes, KPIS, action plans and monitoring reports.

This year, as it is also a renewal, interviews have been carried out with a random sample of about 100 people from all the centers and from all organizational levels, carried out by the auditor, to analyze the degree of knowledge, use and satisfaction of the measures, as well as other issues related to gender equality, diversity, personal and professional development.

What is the efr model?

It is the international project led by Fundación Másfamilia to promote socio-labour transformation, as well as the adaptation of organizations to new ways of working based on the protection of the person and measures that allow them to protect their essential family environment.< /p>

The efr1000 model is the management tool specifically designed for the management of the conciliation of personal, family and work life in professional organizations, which makes it possible to measure the progress of the organization in its management of conciliation understood in its broadest sense meaning.


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