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Performed Level 3 Test at Applus facilities

Performance of Level 3 Test, main task of WP3 European project SOFIA (CleanSky) was finished last Tuesday 18th of July.

Level 3 test (subcomponent level) has been designed to obtain a real characterization of subcomponent (panel with 2 omega stiffeners manufactured using infusion technology) when applying compression loads.

ALESTIS designed and manufactured the tooling necessary for the correct attachment of the subcomponent to the test machine.

The test was carried out according to planned:

· PreTest where it was reached 10% of the Limit Load (LL in the following) applied over intact configuration.

· STEP 1 where it was reached LL applied over intact configuration.

· Impact over skin face, without stringers (see Figure 3).

· STEP 2, where it was reached LL, then Ultimate Load (UL in the following) and finally the failure of the subcomponent.

Jorge Llamazares (Alestis Chief Engineer) and Víctor Amores (Alestis Senior Engineer) attended in person to the test, performed in Applus laboratories sited in Barcelona. Applus also provided access to TM and other members from Alestis and University of Seville to the e-testing online platform, which allowed the access to all L3T instrumentation measurements in real time. A video call provided communication between laboratory and remote attendants during test performance.



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