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The Airbus Spain Engineering team visits the Alestis Seville facilities

On April 11, a representation of the Airbus Spain Engineering team together with Susana Carballo, VP Ho RFE Airframe Engineering, visited the Alestis Sevilla facilities. As hosts at Alestis Aerospace, the first level of Engineering of the Company, represented by Abel Lobo, Director of Engineering, Manuel Iglesias, Chief Engineer of Airbus Programs and José Martín, head of R&T, attended the guests.

During the conference, the industrial capacities of the Seville plant were shared, as well as the capacities of the Engineering area. Specifically, the milestones achieved through the Alestis R&T plan were reviewed, especially with the highly integrated components and the advances obtained in infusion technology, with great potential applicability for the tail cones and belly fairing of future developments.



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