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ARUS debuts the new ART-23 single-seater made of carbon fiber

After many months of work and effort, the ARUS team has rolled on the asphalt of Formula Student Netherlands, held from July 9 to 14, and they look forward to the next European competitions in August, FS EAST and FS Germany.

At Alestis we have witnessed the manufacturing process of the monocoque: the knowledge and support of all the professionals from the Seville plant who have collaborated as mentors of the team has been crucial in making the project a reality and this was conveyed to us during the institutional event to present the new single-seater a few weeks ago.

“Thanks to our sponsors for adding and financing the “children in blue” project.

ARUS is not just a student team that competes in the so-called Formula 1 youth system; They have an entrepreneurial spirit, and independently manage a structure of more than 90 students organized around 9 specialized departments: Ergonomics, Aerodynamics, Business, Chassis, Cost & Manufacturing, Dynamics, Electronics, E-powertrain, Perception and Control, Suspension, Marketing and Communication. Beyond the knowledge acquired at the University itself, passing through this team is a guarantee of transversal experience of incalculable value.

ARUS is a team that inspires and exudes professionalism, its members are an example of knowledge transfer, capacity for technology development and business plans, entrepreneurship and vision of the future.

They are working simultaneously on the development of the first electric and autonomous vehicle in Andalusia with Artificial Intelligence to compete in the future in the "Driverless" category and currently, they have been the best Spanish electric team in international competitions for 2 consecutive years.

At Alestis we are proud to sponsor a #arustrastornado team that is characterized by its dedication and perseverance, and that strives day and night so that the new ART-23 reaches all competitions this season with a bang.


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