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We participated in the ESIEM 2023

One more year we have attended the celebration of the new edition of ESIEM, employment conferences organized by the Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSI) of the University of Seville, in collaboration with two larger associations linked to it: Euroavia Sevilla and ETSIEM LG Seville.

The purpose of holding these conferences is to bring companies seeking qualified professionals closer to students who will soon enter the labor market.

ESIEM 2023 has exceeded all expectations. In this edition, around 50 participating entities and a large number of students have gathered, many of whom came to our stand showing great interest and requesting information about the internship programs and scholarships that we offer to recent graduates or students in the last years of their studies.

In addition, the attendees were able to learn more about the activity that we carry out at Alestis, the programs in which we work and the technologies we use, through a presentation made by Manuel González Relaño, Juan Diego Vázquez and Cristina Peñuela, who also had the opportunity to bring students closer to his personal case at Alestis by sharing his daily experience as a new hire after the end of his internship period.

ESIEM has established itself as an opportunity for students to directly approach the world of work, establishing contact with the most outstanding companies in the sector.

In our commitment to the future, we wanted to attend this annual event again and we are already working on organizing the next visit by ETSI students to our Alestis Seville facilities, which will take place in April.


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