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ALESTIS achieved approval as a Part 145 Maintenance Organization

With the creation in 2019 of the Services Unit, ALESTIS took its first steps in the aeronautical maintenance and after-sales sector, with the purpose of diversifying the aerostructures business, through support to aircraft in service as specific training in the field. of composite materials.

Last February ALESTIS achieved the EN9110 certification that accredits us as a company that meets the standards in aeronautical maintenance management and finally, on August 3, ALESTIS achieved the approval of the State Air Safety Agency as a Part Maintenance Organization 145, after an intense certification process due to the strict technical requirements and the exceptional pandemic situation suffered months ago.

This certification, with full recognition by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in all European countries and in all those countries where EASA has mutual recognition agreements, allows for the company, within the defined scope, to carry out structural repairs and maintenance to the components of various fleets in service and manage it directly with the air operator or maintenance center (MRO) responsible for the aircraft, thus raising our level of responsibility when putting a component into service, responding directly to its airworthiness.

Additionally, this certification also authorizes to carry out non-destructive testing inspections directly on aircraft in service and to be able to attest to the airworthiness of the structure after the inspection.

Certification as an Approved Maintenance Organization Part 145 has great relevance for the Company and the Group, as it opens up a range of opportunities for us at an international level to establish business relationships with the main air operators and large maintenance centers.

The great work of the Organization's certifying team, which has managed to successfully pass the strict certification controls, the commendable work in conjunction with the State Agency for Aviation Safety and the unconditional support of the Directorate for this initiative since its inception has made it possible for Let's lay the foundations necessary to continue growing in the aeronautical maintenance sector, generating new opportunities to attract workload to the Company.



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