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The National Court validates the Alestis Employment Regulation File

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Last Friday we learned that the Social Chamber of the National Court has endorsed the agreement of the Employment Regulation File of Alestis Aerospace SL. In this way, justice assumes and validates the agreement signed by Alestis and its majority unions CCOO and UGT, and rejects and dismisses each one of the lawsuits presented by ELA, CGT and SAT.

Alestis Aerospace SL was forced to undertake a restructuring process to guarantee its future and strengthen its competitive position in the face of the seriousness of the crisis in the aeronautical sector. The Court's ruling now comes to endorse said process, the reasons that supported it, and the decisions and measures that were taken at the time. The agreement that was reached responsibly between the Company's Management and the majority representation of the workforce is thus legitimized.

This ruling gives us stability to continue with our sole objective, which is to face the present and future of the company with guarantees of success and a vocation for growth.


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