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Promote good leaders to develop better teams

Making progress in team management, improving autonomy and involving everyone through simple tools such as the daily Kaizen panel or practical 5S exercises are some of the activities implemented with the production teams.

The results are beginning to be perceived: beyond the improvements recorded and the savings identified, the evolution of the teams is perceived in the link generated within the groups themselves and in the proactivity of each one of them. These are the first steps in the cultural transformation in which we are immersed.

With these simple tools (Kaizen and 5S panel), the teams have autonomy to manage their respective areas, provide the company with agility and obtain better results.

Some data:

- 93 daily kaizen panel meetings are held daily.

Till the date:

- The 67 teams have completed coaching 1

These are some of the conclusions after the Global Steering Committee held at the Seville plant, in which the Industrial Management, the Lean managers of each plant and members of the Executive Committee participated to share the state of the art of the implemented methodology and its impact in the daily work culture of teams.

Did you know?

We use the Power Bi Tool to quantify the volume of improvement actions by teams, the evolution by zones, the accumulated by plants and the impact on savings of the executed proposals.

The next challenges are to continue advancing in the standardization of work posts and their maintenance, to strengthen the process of registering improvement actions by each person in charge and, in parallel, to involve the middle levels in the work of continuous support of the teams.

All this by promoting support tools such as the Gemba Walk and developing the dynamics of the daily Kaizen panel at all levels, maintaining the critical spirit that stimulates continuous improvement.

We've begun regular surveys at the plants for the most outstanding improvement actions. Additionally, on a quarterly basis, the best team in the plant will be recognized during the Global Steering Committee.

Quarterly Recognition! LAR Team: Best evolution at Alestis Sevilla

Those in charge of receiving the recognition on behalf of the entire team with the best evolution were: - Natural leaders: Luis Manuel Palanco ● Emilio Respaldo ● Antonio López - Area Manager and Line Manager: Jose Manuel del Principe ● Antonio Orellana These were some of the messages they shared:


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