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Information for creditors

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

This information is intended to Alestis Group’s creditors within the Ordinary Bankruptcy proceeding 518/2012 (Alestis Group consisting of ALESTIS AEROSPACE, S.L., ALESTIS AEROSPACE MANUFACTURING, S.L.U. and ALESTIS AEROSPACE ENGINEERING, S.L. U. on that time), declared by order issued by the Commercial Court number 2 of Seville, on May 7th, 2012, and whose proposed creditors' agreement was judicially ratified by Judgment dated on February 7th, 2014.

We inform you that Alestis filed a judicial request for modification of its creditors' agreement, under the provisions of Spanish Law 3/2020, September 18th, on procedural and organisational measures to deal with COVID-19, article 3, which was approved with the favourable vote of more than 90% of the creditors and which has been ratified and declared effective by the same Court by virtue of Judgment issued on March 25th, 2021.

As this Judgment is firm as of this date, insolvency creditors who have not already opted for any of the alternatives are entitled to receive 55% of the amount of their insolvency credit.

In order to exercise their right of collection, each creditor must communicate or have communicated to the Company in a reliable manner its bank details, in particular, (i) the entity, (ii) the branch, (iii) the control digit and (iv) the account number.

For these purposes, the insolvency creditor must send these details, accompanied by a certificate of ownership of the bank account, within 3 months from the effectiveness of the amendment of the Agreement. The following e-mail address has been set up for this purpose: In accordance with the provisions of the Creditors' Agreement, if the aforementioned period has elapsed without such communication having been made, it shall be understood that the creditor automatically waives, without the need for any communication or formality, the payments to be made in his favour by virtue of the amended creditor’s agreement.


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