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Boeing’s Top Recognition during the Global Supplier Conference in Los Angeles

Updated: May 26, 2022

Los Angeles hosted last May the celebration of the Global Boeing Supplier Conference 2019, an event that brings together the most outstanding suppliers of the American client: of the 12,000 suppliers that make up Boeing’s supply chain, a total of 380 were awarded and among these, only 82 obtained the GOLD recognition, among which was Alestis Aerospace.

Our Director of Business Strategy together with our Head of Boeing Programs, represented Alestis during the gala dinner held on the night of May 8 in the iconic Californian city, and they were in charge of collecting the award for the excellent work done during the past year, consolidating us in this way, as one of Boeing’s most important suppliers.

This important milestone is one more step in the list of achievements obtained by Alestis since 2012, the year in which the relationship with our client begins; in the words of our Head of Boeing Programs "from the beginning we have tried at all times to seek the required path of excellence and finally we have managed to bring our quality and delivery indicators to the highest level, and this is what has made it possible for Boeing to award us with this recognition today. It is with pride and a great satisfaction that we share it with all the people who have collaborated in this success of our Company. Let's continue working in order to maintain this level of excellence we have achieved."



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