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Alestis Aerospace Platinum Sponsor at ADM 2022

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Aerospace & Defense Meetings Seville (ADM), the largest business event of the aerospace sector in Spain, celebrates its 10th anniversary from June 7 to 9, in a 100% face-to-face edition in which Alestis Aerospace participates as a Platinum sponsor.

The event features a wide range of round tables, workshops and BtB business meetings with the participation of the Purchasing and Supply Chain, Commercial and Engineering teams.

On Thursday 8th June, we are waiting for you with the following lectures in the Ronda room of FIBES:

"Advanced Robotics and Artificial Vision Systems for Aerospace Manufacturing"
Agustín García Laja - Head of Industrial Development & Industrialization

11.20 am

Robotics and artificial vision systems are two key enablers of the Factory of the Future. Thanks to the progress achieved in deep learning technology and the drastic reduction in industrial robots cost, the Aerospace Industry is overcoming the challenge of shifting from tedious and very demanding manual tasks to automated processes, reducing costs and ensuring the quality of the products in an affordable way.

During the presentation, Alestis will share his vision and strategy for the automation of manufacturing, assembly and inspection processes based on flexible and low cost robotic cells and artificial vision systems, showing several applications that have been successfully deployed in the Alestis manufacturing plants.

"De la práctica a la teoría: hacia Alestis 4.0"

Fernando Moreno Villatoro - Responsible for Planning and Digitalization

Pablo Martínez Cutillas - Commercial Director

11.55 am

The concept of industry 4.0 is widespread in various forums, events, publications and social networks, in most of them the main components of this industrial current are explained from a very theoretical point of view. The objective of this session is to tell from a practical point of view our experience on how to approach such an important change within an industrial environment.

If you want to know more about Alestis, don't miss our corporate video:



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