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AIRBUS Recognizes Alestis Trajectory with the BEST PERFORMER Award

Updated: May 26, 2022

Last April, the award ceremony held annually by Airbus in the framework of SQIP Day (Supply Chain Quality & Improvement Program) took place, a day when it recognizes the work carried out by its suppliers over a year.

In this edition, our client has recognized Alestis’s excellent trajectory as the main supplier of aero structures at an international level within its supply chain. This prize is added to the one we received 2 years ago in the Best-Improver category.

At the express request of Airbus, this year Alestis presented the Gemba SQIP project, in which all areas of the Company have been involved. In addition, our Director of Operations, our Director of Programs and our Quality Director attended on behalf of Management.

The SQIP program has been implemented through four lines of action or streams Quality Enhancement, Integrated Manufacturing, Supplier Integration and Value Creation, and the respective managers show us the details of its execution:

  • Integrated Manufacturing Flow

With the aim of improving delivery performance, the managers explain: "The project has been managed through two basic pillars: the first one, achieving integrated planning throughout the entire Company and the second, disengaging the production plan from Alestis’s delivery plan." In addition, they add that with the development of this stream, very important milestones have been achieved, such as the development of the logistics platform.

  • Supplier Integration

From the team of development and improvement of the management of the Supply Chain in our Company they affirm us: "We started from a situation in which there was much to do and we started by defining projects such as the creation of a standardized way of evaluation by means of load/capacity and IPCA to our suppliers, internal control panel management projects, chemical management projects, etc ... Thanks to the project launching we have managed to consolidate the supply chain management, improve and achieve better performance that ensures the availability of material that we can manufacture and deliver to the client in an effective way. I'm very proud of everyone."

  • Quality Enhancement

This stream consists of the creation of an Assessment based on tools and systems that allow self-assessment and cross-assessment of the degree of AMES maturity of the different MFTs of the Company, as well as facilitating the next steps to consolidate the implementation of AMES. From the AMES area they highlighted "the magnificent work carried out by the entire Company, from the MFTs, through the natural work groups, the Management Committee and the rest of the Company's functions". They also added that "the success of the project has been possible thanks to the involvement of people and the transformation of the working method towards a preventive and anticipatory mentality".

  • Value Creation

It includes the "Value Generation Projects" that make us ensure the viability of the Company over time.

The leader of the stream that encompasses the projects for generating value for the Company, explains its function: "We have been selecting the most relevant projects, those aimed at improvement in the programs and with objectives associated to addressing price reduction requirements for the coming years. The stream success lies in the MFTs and participating leaders of each of the projects represented therein ".

Congratulations to all the team for the great job that has been done! We have achieved it!



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