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We work for Environmental Care

For the past few months we have been implementing a new environmental management system in our company, a new tool that helps us in the task of caring for and improving the environment, ISO14001.

These new procedures are established in our plant in Puerto Real and in implementation phase in San Pablo, Aerópolis, Tecnobahía and Vitoria and Central Offices and Getafe are pending. By their use we envisage numerous improvements in multiple areas related to the environment such as control of environmental aspects, waste management and efficient use of natural resources.

Nevertheless, in parallel we can contribute to this end by implementing actions that are part of our day to day, such as segregating waste properly, saving resources, ensuring achievement of each plant’s environmental objectives or supporting the people who are leading this project at the Organization.

Reinforcing our environmental commitment, we consider it essential to know what is being developed in our surroundings in terms of the Environment. Therefore, we attended the Conference on Industrial Development and Environmental Protection organized by the Higher Technical School of Engineering, on the occasion of World Environment Day.

There, we were able to analyze the industry-environment relationship in Spain and apply the notions learned for the continuous improvement of the Company in terms of environmental management.

There were presentations on various environmental issues, e.g. changes needed in industry in order to achieve a Europe with neutral climate in the 2050 horizon or the keys to a sustainable industrial development in Andalusia.

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