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We launch a new mission, vision and values

Alestis move into a new stage and so we wanted to reformulate and update these important concepts that define us as a Company. During last December, a multifunctional team was in charge of updating the proposal that we present today and which has been approved by both the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee of Alestis.


We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions in the aerostructures market, generating added value to our customers through the talent of our team and the domain of advanced technologies.


Be strategic partners of the main aerospace manufacturers and recognized as a sustainable and responsible company


Value Creation: “We focus our performance on the profitability of the Company”. We are focused on value creation for our clients, employees and shareholders as a guarantee of sustainability.

Commitment: “Our success is the result of our commitment”. We do our best to reach our goals.

Enthusiasm:“It is the attitude with which we face challenges". We put our heart into what we do, we are a company with its own personality, our motivation and enthusiasm makes us unique.

Excellence:“Excellence is the engine that drives us”. Our ability to overcome drives us to challenge ourselves each day to obtain outstanding results as a team.

Innovation:“We innovate, building the future”. We combine creativity and technological knowledge to generate value, offering remarkable and advanced solutions.

Responsibility: "Responsibility, our way of acting”. Aware of the impact of our actions, we develop activities that strengthen the sustainability of the Company and the environment.



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