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We celebrate the IV edition of the Technical Conference

Updated: May 26, 2022

On September 26, the San Pablo plant hosted the IV edition of the Technical Conference. This conference is an opportunity to learn about some of the projects that are being developed in our Company in terms of technology and innovation.

Under the slogan: “Share. Know. Innovate”, shared successful experiences, innovative projects and work methods that add value to the Company.

The program developed during the conference was as follows:

Block I

• The day began with the presentation of the project for a Belly Fairing of the future from the point of view of Calculation and Design and in which the advances that have been made to date will be summarized.

• The second presentation delved into the method used to manufacture sandwich components consisting of a manual process of molding fabrics with pre-preg fabric; cost requirements and future challenges, which require the implementation of alternative manufacturing technologies.

• The third conference presented the development of novel integrated structures and associated technologies: Co-cured, co-infused and thermoplastics.

• This first session of the day closed with a conference on the optimization of the compaction process and production of curing bags for the manufacture of CFRP parts, with semi-automatic systems and reusable materials.

Block II

• The second part of the event began with a presentation on applications of graph technology in Alestis (Neo4j) from material configuration engineering to planning.

• This presentation was followed by a didactic approach to what Smart Factories are and how they are being configured in our plants under the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

• Next, the general operation of the Department of Industrialization and Development of suppliers within the Purchasing organization was disclosed, through key figures of the Department.

• This second block closed with a conference on advanced product quality planning as a lever to achieve a preventive mentality and a proactive attitude in the management of new aeronautical product projects.

Block III

• The last block of the day began with the presentation on the One-Shot process for protection against corrosion in joining elements.

• This was followed by a presentation on the automation of drilling and trimming of section 19.1 of the A350 XWB fuselage.

• The penultimate presentation of the conference dealt with the analysis, development and digitization of the checklist of all the activities carried out by the Design Department.

• Por último, el evento se cerró con una presentación sobre el proceso de resolución de problemas en servicio en avión, aplicado al problema del AGS RAO de la Belly Fairing.



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