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Towards the consolidation of the Improvement Projects

In parallel to the creation of a culture of continuous improvement in which Alestis is working with the natural work teams, in 2022 and led by Rafael Navarro's team, the Improvement Projects, an initiative in which multidisciplinary teams address specific projects with direct impact on the KPIs of cost, quality and deliveries in the plant, with a maximum execution period of 3 months, has been launched transversally in all plants in Spain.

It is a perfectly structured system, with periodic meetings to review the actions executed, roadmap and identify possible risks and how to mitigate them, thus acting on the identified problems and achieving the project's objective within the defined timeframe.

On a quarterly basis, between 2 and 3 improvement projects are identified per plant, a dynamic that facilitates the possibility of creating disruptive changes in the company, proposing new ways of acting and involving people from different areas. During the first half of the year, a total of 20 projects have been launched.



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