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Engineering achieves the A rating in the TDCA audit

On May 24, 25 and 26, the Technical Development Capabilities Assessment (TDCA) of the Technical Office for the A350 XWB BF and S19.1 packages took place, in which the team obtained an A rating, the highest score ever achieved in these demanding multi-annual audits. Airbus has underlined the availability throughout the audit and the progress made since the last TDCA in 2018, in which the result was B+. In the words of our main client: “We would like to highlight the good result of the audit that confirms the engineering vision of the Airbus teams”.

As part of the strengths described is the mentality of continuous improvement and search for the root cause of the problems identified, the deployment of the SMS in the technical area for risk prevention, the efforts in the digitization area for the control and improvement of the quality of the products, the reactivity and customer support in the AoG service, the efforts made to maintain knowledge with training and internal guides, as well as the good preparation for future projects with the knowledge of new generation tools.

Congratulations to all the team!


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