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AMES Day: Recognition of L1 improvements in the workshop

Updated: May 27, 2022

On June 26, the AMES DAY was held at the Puerto Real plant, a meeting point of the first level of the Industrial Directorate for the sharing of standardization initiatives that are being carried out transversely in all production centers:

During the initial follow-up meeting, very interactive and dynamic, the state of the art of these initiatives was reviewed, with an important self-analysis exercise carried out by the Directors and managers of AMES of each plant, in which the Degree of Implementation and Degree of Consolidation of the different initiatives were evaluated through a simple matrix, highlighting the identified strengths but also the main opportunities for improvement that will allow us to continue advancing towards excellence.

The day was completed with a Gemba walk around the workshop, to see in situ the implementation of the ideas that emerged in the L1 Improvement Panels and that today are already implemented and are representing significant savings.

In this context, as is customary, the Management received weekly recognition of one of the Cadiz plant operators for the implementation of a Collar Breaker Adapter on the BF A350 XWB Set 3 line, which facilitates access and breakage of collars in areas of reduced space.



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