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Alestis Seville starts manufacturing the first contract with Dassault for Falcon 10X

In June, Alestis Seville began manufacturing the first elements for the contract for the Falcon 10X Landing Gear Trap of Dassault's Falcon 10X. Specifically, it is the FPQ (First Part Qualification) of the Front Traps. This element will be used to validate the design and the defined manufacturing process, by performing tests.

During the last year, several manufacturability tests have been carried out, which have facilitated the definition of the final product. After the development of the FPQ, the next step will be to manufacture the first parts for assembly. The fulfillment of this plan is a great challenge for all the areas involved: the Design Office, Development Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, Programs, as well as the Seville plant itself.

In January 2020, Dassault and Alestis Aerospace signed, at Dassault's headquarters in Paris, the award of the first two contracts between both companies: the Tail Cone and the landing gear doors of the new Falcon 10X, the most modern model of the Falcon series, within the Business Jets segment.

Dassault's F10X is the largest of the Falcon series, with a length of almost 34 meters. It has been defined under demanding aerodynamic and weight requirements, allowing it to project a range of almost 14,000 kilometers, enabling flights such as Paris-Tokyo. It is scheduled for launch in 2025.



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