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Alestis participates in the meeting day with the supply chain organized by TEDAE

The conference "Aeronautics, a sector with a future" has been the meeting point for numerous companies in the sector to share the perspectives of the aeronautical sector and to know the results of the study on the impact of prices in the supply chain carried out by TEDAE, the association that organized the meeting.

Teresa Escolano, Procurement and Supply Chain Director at Alestis Aerospace, participated in the round table "Challenges of the Aeronautical Supply Chain" together with representatives of Aernnova and ITP AERO and moderated by Juan Román, Director of the Andalucía Aerospace cluster.

Participants discussed about how companies should face hyperinflation (rising wage costs, energy costs), shortage of raw materials and the pronounced increase in lead times (caused by the lack of ability of manufacturers to adapt to the current increase in demand and other geopolitical factors, such as the war in Russia) and the lack of qualified resources.

To this end, the main challenges include greater collaboration in the supply chain, focusing on continuous improvement, investing in digitalization and research, not only to combat uncertainties, but also to face the new opportunities and challenges offered by the market, such as increases in demand in the sector and new platforms, such as air mobility.

Other challenges where we must focus on the supply chain are the need to permeate the concept of sustainability in all dimensions of the business and the progressive increase in cybersecurity requirements.



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