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Alestis joins the 3D manufacture of headbands for facial protection screens for sanitary use

Updated: May 26, 2022

In April we started in Alestis the production of PPE for sanitary use, joining the multiple initiatives to face COVID-19.

The situation of sanitary crisis that we are experiencing has promoted numerous collaboration initiatives between companies and individuals, totally altruistic and whose primary objective is to contribute to alleviating the shortage of protective material for sanitary use that we have all known during these weeks.

From the additive manufacturing project promoted by the Sicnova technology company, engineers from the Tecnobahía plant, launched to replicate the prototype of headbands with their 3D domestic printers, initially using coils of PLA material donated mostly by individuals and to which later additional material supplied from the Tecnobahía plant has been added, both for 3D manufacturing and for the subsequent assembly of the screens, for which the acetate visor and rubber ties.

So far, more than 250 complete visors have been manufactured and a multitude of people have collaborated, both from the team of the plant itself (Purchases, Maintenance, Security ...) and as many anonymous people without whom this initiative would not have been possible. Donations are being made in coordination with the medical services of the province of Cádiz and in the specific points that transfer the need, as is the case of specific units of the Puerta del Mar Hospital (ICU, pediatrics, pulmonology, microbiology, surgery, emergencies, oncology) as well as Health Centers in La Laguna, San Carlos, Centers for the Elderly and Residences, and a large etcetera that we intend to continue covering in the coming weeks. The initiative has set a precedent and in Puerto Real have manufactured more than 50 units that have been distributed to nursing homes as well as the Puerto de Santa María Penitentiary Center.

At Aerópolis, once the purchase of the necessary raw material has been coordinated from the Innovation area, after several manufacturing tests, have identified the optimal prototype and have started the machinery for manufacturing, assembly and delivery of new face protection visors.

We express the immense appreciation of all the medical staff with whom we have had the opportunity to speak these days and we join in a loud applause for all the colleagues who from their homes and plants continue to work to alleviate the shortage of medical equipment .

In these circumstances #CadaGestoSuma and these initiatives are one more reason to continue.



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