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Alestis Aerospace receives the Spanish patent on the manufacturing method of Tail Cones

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has granted ALESTIS, dated June 11, 2021, the Spanish patent on the method of manufacturing the tail cone, published in the Official Register (BOPI) on June 18, 2021.

The application process for this invention began in May 2018 and culminates with this new patent that guarantees the exclusive exploitation right, preventing any third party from manufacturing, selling or using it in Spain without the Company's consent.

This is a great recognition to the entire ALESTIS team that worked from the beginning in the conceptual phase of the idea, especially its inventors: Jose Martín, Roberto Cerrato, Sergio Gil, Rubén Escalona, Roberto García and Miguel Rouco. Abel Lobo, Director of Engineering and Technology at ALESTIS, explains how "some years ago we began a path of continuous improvement to consolidate ALESTIS as a world leader in tail cones. Through a new architecture, we developed an innovative component capable of providing added value with a substantial improvement in cost and weight. Proudly, we claimed its intellectual property by applying for a patent. Today, when we are already working on new concepts that surpass it, we obtain the innovative recognition of this idea with the first ALESTIS patent. This milestone, which will serve to reinforce our positioning, is a new sign that the technological lines are being successful".


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