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A320LAR: Automation in the manufacture of the A320 in San Pablo

One of the major milestones in process automation at Alestis has been the implementation and development of the A320LAR, a High Performance Line that establishes a new mode of semi-automatic manufacture of carbon fiber parts in the aeronautical sector, applying the principles of the Industry 4.0 and LEAN.

It is a flexible line dedicated to the A320 package in San Pablo, which could be adapted to other programs or products, always maintaining dimensional requirements.

What advantages does it provide?

  • Dispenses the lay-up operators, in due time and form, the tools for their laminate.

  • Reposition tools with elaborated or semi-finished parts to another manufacturing position, for the completion of the work.

  • Move the tool to the autoclave loading area.

  • It performs the loading and unloading actions on the shelves and the inclusion and exits of the autoclave shelves after curing.

  • Sends the cured product to the demoulding and cleaning stations.

  • Keep clean tools in the internal warehouse.

Composition of the A320LAR: Its occupation is 1000 m2 and houses the following areas:

- Fabric cutting section:

It applies a cutting process based on manufacturing needs, eliminating unnecessary storage activities and reducing material waste due to expiration.

- Manufacturing area (Clean Room)

It is made up of 20 independent workstations, which have a rapid compaction system whose design has been developed in-house. This allows the operator to compact simply by lowering the frame over the pieces, without prior bag preparation.

- Tooling warehouse area in Clean Room It is made up of a KUKA 700PA robot, for loading and unloading tools on the line, and two MODULA automated warehouses, with the capacity to house the tools for 3 aircraft of the A320 package.

- Curing area The autoclave, an automatic gantry, a directional shuttle and triple-height racks are located in this area, for loading and unloading parts in the autoclave.

- Cleaning and demoulding area

With capacity for 10 workstations, the entire line is managed from the two control posts located inside the clean room and in the demoulding area.

All areas are paperless and have tablets where all the documentation necessary for the maintenance of traceability is completed and reviewed, as well as the requirements demanded in the product for Quality. In addition, all operating systems in the plant are integrated in the LAR and production can be followed in real time through screens located on the Line.

The automation of manufacturing processes together with the reorganization of production flows and, ultimately, the implementation of a new work model, have led to significant cost savings and improvement in manufacturing times.

Reaching this milestone has been possible thanks to the involvement and involvement of the entire team, its rapid ability to adapt to a new, more efficient way of working and its proposals for improvement, aimed at strengthening and optimizing the system. The success in the implementation of this High Performance Line is one more reason to face with enthusiasm the challenges of the LAR in 2021, focused on improving quality indicators and optimizing costs.



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