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E&C Policy

At ALESTIS AEROSPACE, Ethics and Compliance are considered an opportunity for the success and sustainability of our organization. 
For this reason, ALESTIS is committed to full compliance with current legal regulations, procedures and standards that apply to the organization, as set out in the Alestis Code approved by the Board of Directors on June 30, 2015 and defined as a framework of reference: for relationships that arise as a result of business activity and to establish the principles by which Compliance management must be governed. 
The implementation of the Compliance Management System in ALESTIS AEROSPACE facilitates the integration of the E&C in the existing management processes, in its requirements and in its operational procedures, being the responsibility of each person to comply with them. 
For these purposes, different channels are made available to everyone for the detection and/or communication of possible illicit behavior, irregularities and non-compliance, such as: the complaints channel, internal / external audits and / or accidental discovery.  

The Compliance Management System applies to all members of the organization, regardless of their location and hierarchical position within the company. 
The Compliance Management System includes the process of analysis and evaluation of the behaviors detected and establishes the sanctioning regime that may be applicable. 
The E&C area is configured as an autonomous and independent department within the organizational structure of ALESTIS, which must guarantee objectivity and impartiality in the performance of its functions, promulgating as essential values:  

  • Absolute confidentiality of matters

  • The assurance of the non-existence of retaliation

  • The absence of value judgments

The Management, through the Compliance Management System and the development of the necessary tools for its implementation, reinforces what was already revealed with the approval of the Alestis Code, the commitment to all those conducts that must govern the behaviors within our organization and that are based on the inspiring principles of the Alestis Compliance Policy:  

  • We prioritize talent

  •   We take care of our relationships

  • We bet on diversity

  • We protect our assets

  • We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We promote open dialogue

  • We promote transparency

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