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Industrial Safety Policy

ALESTIS AEROSPACE is a leading aeronautical company in the design, development, manufacture, assembly of aerostructures, and in after-sales service. ALESTIS AEROSPACE is committed to the safety of its employees, visitors, shareholders and collaborators, ensuring both the protection of people and the protection of assets, interests and knowledge of the company.


To this end, ALESTIS AEROSPACE establishes the safety standards and requirements for the entire company, which are included in the Industrial Safety Master Plan and seek to establish protection against any Industrial Safety threat/risk. The application of the Safety Master Plan, adapted to the characteristics and particularities of each of the work centers, gives rise to the Comprehensive Safety Plan of the work center.


Industrial Safety is of interest and responsibility of all Alestis workers, through compliance with its standards, action protocols, prevention, and communication. Industrial Safety, unlike Occupational Safety that deals with the risks inherent to the job and the use of means, considers the physical protection of people against aggressions/catastrophes and the protection of assets. Likewise, Industrial Security is complemented by Information Security and communications that are managed by IT.


ALESTIS AEROSPACE takes into account the following principles within the Industrial Safety policy:


  • Compliance with current Industrial Safety standards and legislation in each work center.

  • Surveillance and reaction to risk situations for Industrial Safety, carrying out periodic evaluations in the different work centers, in order to discover vulnerabilities and adopt measures to prevent and/or minimize their consequences dynamically.

  • Continuous communication to promote the awareness and participation of all Alestis workers in industrial safety.

  • Coordination and synergies with the PRL Emergency Plans and with IT information security procedures.

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