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Safety, Health and Environment Policy

For Alestis Aerospace, the life and health of people and the quality of the environment is a fundamental pillar of its operations. For this reason, it is a priority objective for Alestis Aerospace, as part of the permanent improvement of the company's competitiveness, to promote the continuous improvement of working conditions and the protection of the environment, promoting the Safe, Healthy and Environmentally friendly company culture. responsable. To this end, this Policy is established based on the following principles:


  • The safety and health of workers and care for the environment are an integral part of the company's operations and will be developed through an integrated Management System, based on ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards.

  • It is the commitment of Alestis Aerospace, and the responsibility of all levels of the company, to identify, prevent and avoid the dangers and risks to the health of workers and the environment that may arise from our operations.

  • Likewise, Alestis Aerospace will encourage the extension of the principles of this policy to our subcontractors and supply chain. Providing our support and knowledge in the preventive and environmental management of those operations derived from its relationship with Alestis Aerospace.

  • Alestis Aerospace will have the necessary means to identify the applicable legal requirements, and any other requirements that the organization subscribes to in terms of Safety, Health and Environment. +


  • Alestis Aerospace will provide the necessary information and training to its staff so that they know each other and carry out safe and responsible practices, in order to promote a true preventive and environmental culture, focused on the continuous improvement of both working and environmental conditions.


  • Alestis Aerospace guarantees the consultation and participation of workers in matters related to health and safety and environmental protection.

  • Alestis Aerospace will provide the reference framework to establish and review the Safety, Health and Environment objectives.


  • Alestis Aerospace's Safety, Health and Environment Management system guarantees the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, through the performance control and monitoring mechanisms available at Alestis Aerospace. 

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