San Pablo reorganizes its production processes

Since last September 1, the reorganization of the production areas and workflows at the plant are the reality in which the teams from São Paulo and Aerópolis coexist. This integration has made it possible to proceed with the renovation of the facilities, in addition to the cleaning, rearrangement and expansion of work areas, as well as the opening of new rest spaces and adaptation of services.


As part of the maintenance team, Francisco José Alonso Santana explains to us that during the month of August, improvement work with external suppliers and regular maintenance tasks, such as reviews and certifications of production machinery, were planned. Combining these activities with the transfer of the Aerópolis facilities has been a great challenge: “the human, material and economic effort made by all the parties involved has been enormous and the good planning and coordination of Technical Services is especially appreciated. and Shopping. With these improvements, the San Pablo plant has been made much more complete and competitive, they are very positive changes for the future ” . What are the main improvements made?


Transfer of Final Processes and Repairs area:


  • Transfer of Final Processes and Repairs area:

The new suction installation in the MTorres room makes it possible to improve production flows in the final manufacturing processes, reducing the movement of parts.


The reordering of all repair processes is aimed at achieving greater integration with serial processes, with a view to optimizing lead time and improving quality standards.

  • New clean repair area in Lay-up 1 room for fabric and mesh placement

Campa Autoclave

The post for thermocouple preparation and vacuum intake is moved, and workstations are standardized in the autoclave control room.


Clean room evolution 2

This space is consolidated as the Aerópolis assembly area for the A350 XWB (AGS RAI and AGS RAO) and B787 programs.

Gonzalo Moreno, production manager of the A350 XWB line, explains to us: “The most complicated thing has been to include in the clean room the products that take up more space and have more work, we have had to reorganize everything very well, based on our experience in 5S and getting rid of many useless things, which have freed up space ”.

Central nave

The new restructuring represents significant cost savings and the installation of the Aerópolis and San Pablo equipment in the same location allows integration in the manufacturing chain, inventory reduction and greater efficiency in solving problems. Where before the high-rotation tools, production control and verification were located, now Aerópolis sub-assembly assembly activities are carried out. These changes have not been an easy task.


In the words of Gonzalo Moreno: "It has been difficult because we encountered added difficulties on the ground, but we have known how to adapt to the circumstances, with the common work of all, leaning our shoulders."


For her part, Vanesa Coronel, production manager for the C295 and paint line and the A380, adds: “It has been a colossal job. The union of all to get this started as soon as possible has been incredible. We have all gone to one, working with a clear objective: that on September 1 everything would be ready for production. From my point of view, one of the most complicated milestones that has been met has been to obtain the client's certification to carry out the works (previously carried out in Aerópolis) at the San Pablo plant. It has been achieved in record time ”. The production area has been fully operational since the beginning of September and the adaptation of the operators to the new facilities has been quick and exemplary.

Reorganization of the Ultrasound area: C-Scan and A-Scan

Transfer Area Verification and Production Control

Reorganization of mixing area and paint chemicals warehouse

Reordering the flow in the Painting area. Transfer of verification posts and painting coordinator

Rubén Bayón, head of production in San Pablo confirms that “these changes in the plant represent a TOTAL transformation and, why not, an accolade to San Pablo. After the last and complicated years at this plant, where its viability has always been in question, seeing this change is a source of pride. Many of us feel it as ours."


Other changes:


  • Transfer of the Lectra to a Lay up 1 clean room to improve flow: use in a clean room or transfer to a refrigerator / kits / mini rolls.

  • Cleaning and organization of the storage area for large tools.

  • First aid kit: ATS area relocation


The execution of all these improvements has been possible thanks to the perfect coordination and diligence of the people who during the months of July and much more intensively in August, have worked side by side, carrying out activities very different from the usual ones of their day today, in the words of Rubén Bayón: “working as a team and helping us in everything, that has been the key to arriving on time and meeting this challenge”.

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