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We move forward with the implementation of POLARIS in Tecnobahía

After the pilot project to implement the tool in Puerto Real, we've continued to advance along the path of digitization with the development, integration and production start-up of the application at Tecnobahía, in addition to doing so at the Seville plant where it's in operation on the A320 LAR line and the A350 XWB Panel and Systems Assembly line.

- What improvements have been achieved in Tecnobahía through POLARIS?

1. It facilitates work, reduces human errors and reduces the time of certain operations

José Gómez Jaime, painting at Tecnobahía:

"Polaris automatically provides us with all the necessary data for a mix, from the times required for it to be done correctly, to the temperature and humidity conditions of the mixing room, dates of the chemicals, etc. This means a reduction in time because that data was previously recorded by hand and also prevents us from making any mistakes. With Polaris we've much more security in our daily work and in the face of audits."

Time reduction with the use of Polaris: - Paint mixtures: 120 hours / year - Loading of production orders: 11 hours / year on the A330 40 hours / year on the A320

2. Reduced use of paper

Celia Tapia, Digitization Team: "Now the orders are in our system and there is no need to scan them. With this, we manage to reduce time and paper use."

3. Real-time visibility of any change in routing or order

4. The integration of the competencies of the workforce in Polaris, will allow only certified personnel to carry out the associated operations

- What novelties does Polaris present at Tecnobahía?

In addition to improving the visibility of the information of the work that the operator has to perform and providing access to all the necessary documentation, the following has been implemented in Polaris:

1. A new mix application: previously the mix data was recorded in handwritten form, now it is printed on a label with a QR code that, when read by Polaris, extracts the mix information and automatically plots it on the Production order.

Francisco Marín, Process Engineer at Tecnobahía:

"Users are very happy with Polaris. Since February, Tecnobahía has been working without paper. The next milestone is for the applicable documentation to be displayed in the application."

2. Alert to avoid quality leaks: are notices that appear in Polaris when the current operation is closed. These alerts, which have their origin in some ID or comment received by the client, remind, for example, the need to be extremely careful when checking certain characteristics of the assembly.

In short, Polaris facilitates the simplification and standardization of the activities of the production process, as well as speeding up decision making based on the analysis of reliable data. All this allows us to obtain results at a lower cost, in less time and contribute to our goal of continuous improvement through digitization.



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