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We launched a new Code of Conduct for Suppliers

With the purpose of contributing to sustainable development, guaranteeing the balance between the results and the way in which we achieve them, at Alestis we have drawn up the Code of Conduct for Suppliers. This Code extends the basic standards of environmental, social and governance (ESG) conduct to our supply chain, allowing us all to share a similar ethical and compliance framework. The acceptance of the Code by our suppliers and their commitment to its compliance and deployment in their own supply chain are essential factors for the establishment and maintenance of our business relationships.

How are the principles of the code of conduct for suppliers structured? • In the supplier's relationship with its employees • In its relationship with Alestis and with third parties • In its relationship with the environment

In addition... we have updated our Code of Ethics

We evolve... and with us the rules that define our conduct and the principles that guide our actions also evolve. This evolution is reflected in the Code Ethical which, by maintaining the highest standards of ethics and compliance in our actions, allows us to strengthen the trust of all of us who are part of Alestis and our stakeholders. Consult the new Alestis Code of Ethics HERE!



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