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We are committed to renewable energies: we installed photovoltaic panels in Tecnobahía

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

In the month of December we have completed the project for the installation of photovoltaic panels in the Tecnobahía industrial warehouse. This commitment to renewable energy will mean savings in energy costs of 25% in 2023.

Benefits: With this project we reinforce our commitment to the environment through the use of one of the most effective, profitable and long-lasting clean energies that exist today. Being a renewable and clean energy, which does not emit CO2 gases into the atmosphere, it helps to immediately reduce environmental pollution, therefore, we reduce our carbon footprint with it.

What does the installation consist of?

The photovoltaic installation allows reaching 800 kW and 994.1 kW of peak power. It is made up of 1824 polycrystalline technology modules with which we will transform solar energy into electrical energy ready for our industrial self-consumption.

It has a tracking and monitoring system that is used not only to monitor the photovoltaic installation but also to optimize performance and have personalized information on the energy behavior of the installation, identify opportunities for improvement and monitor expected savings.

In order to ensure zero discharge, a dynamic power controller has been installed, with which the power of the inverters (they convert continuous energy into alternating energy) is adjusted to what the building is consuming at any given time.

During the year 2023 we will continue with the investments in renewable energies, the next objective being the installation of photovoltaic panels in Alestis Sevilla.



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