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Integration of End to End processes in the Tecnobahía plant

Updated: May 27, 2022

Having a comprehensive vision of the manufacturing and assembly processes, with standardized and concatenated procedures in the production line, constitutes the guarantee for the fulfillment of the objectives and the identification of opportunities for improvement in the development of the activity, and therefore , the key to optimizing production flows.

Based on this philosophy of End to End processes, the productive activity in Tecnobahía has been reorganized and below we will tell you what the main actions have been:

1. CMI machining center

With the premise of optimizing the operation of the machine and making the most of its capacity, the project to internalize the trimming and drilling of the Spars HTP A320 and Front Firewall (FFW), Rear Firewall (RFW) and Beams of the A350 XWB is developed, with a new operating standard in which model change times are reduced.

The plant's automatic programmer, shares his satisfaction at having achieved this goal in collaboration with colleagues from the rest of the areas involved: “achieving it on time and with the highest quality is a sign that we are on the right track and an indicator of that we have continued to improve since a year ago we started the start-up of these 5-axis CNC trimming production processes with the A350 Belly Fairing formers, the A330 ribs and the FR93 for the S19.1 A350 XWB. Being able to industrialize the new workload of the Spars of the A320, FFW and RFW of the A350 XWB means that we continue to overcome new challenges and respond to the trust that is placed in the team ”.

In order to achieve a correct execution, during the month of August the following activities have been carried out:

1.1 Spars HTP A320

- Design and manufacture of fixed support table on machine.

- Division of the tooling into two parts, and creation of an annex in the CMI machine itself, which allows the two zones of the machine to be used in the trimming process.

- Improvement of the current vacuum system, to serve both areas.

1.2 FFW and RFW S19.1 A350 XWB

- Design and assembly of a "gantry" structure to fix the tooling vertically, which allows to provide each one of the areas of the machine, a third area of edge and free space.

- Design and manufacture of new fixed Necuron tooling anchored in the machine, which reduces the manipulation of the piece only in loading and unloading.

1.3 Beams S19.1 A350 XWB

Design and manufacture of clamping tools for trimming and drilling operations, taking advantage of the current BF A350 XWB manufacturing concept, and optimizing the use of the existing tool clamping table.

2. New area of ​​repairs and ASM

According to current regulations, separate areas are established for repair activities, with a separate clean area.

3. Chemical warehouse control project

The Digitization team, together with the support of the Lean area, implement the chemical warehouse control system, achieving its full operation for the NADCAP audit in September. This project has allowed the reduction of waste and excess stockpiling of products.

4. Certifications

Training has been given to the Tecnobahía staff to ensure the autonomy of the team, specifically, 12 processes have been certified in record time, related to trimming and equipping activities, in addition to the development of FAIs to comply with the planned production start-up in September, milestone for which the plant received the congratulations of the Client.

5. Transformation of the Lay Out of the plant

In September, the FAI began on the BF A350 XWB and FFW S19.1 A350 XWB Former equipment line, culminating in the intense work in July and August, a period in which, in addition to the monthly maintenance plan, all the maintenance activities were carried out. design of new production lines, to successfully integrate the assembly operations from Aerópolis and the activities that were already being carried out for some of these packages at Tecnobahía.

These changes have led to the restructuring of the layout of the UAP2 warehouse and the design of new production flows for all the plant's programs.

The new design and distribution of positions forms a Flexible Line, with the ability to adapt to possible workload balances and allowing continuous optimization of processes. The assembly of the new line of Formeros BF and FFW S19.1 includes the installations of compressed air connections, data lines for the implementation of Polaris in the plant and new suction equipment.

For the head of production, all these changes have been a very satisfactory experience: “in just over a month and after the effort of an excited and motivated team, the plant has been transformed very positively, incorporating two pre-equipped lines , a warehouse, repair area and several programs that have been internalized for the CNC machine; the plant has evolved from not having a clear definition in terms of flow and order, to seeing the progress of a program just by looking at the line. All of this improves quality and cost. Highlight the work of the team, the impulse of the Management to the plant and above all, the future prospects that can be generated ”.

Overcoming the challenge of transforming the plant in August has been possible thanks to the careful planning and coordination of the entire Tecnobahía team, together with their commitment, perseverance and enthusiasm to continue growing.

All the strategic improvements implemented add value and position the plant for new job opportunities that may arise.



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