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Down Cádiz inaugurates a new Art Therapy classroom thanks to Alestis workers

Updated: May 24, 2022

Last Monday we attended the inauguration of a new Art Therapy classroom at the facilities of the Down Association of Cadiz and Bahía "Lejeune" through the Common Space program. The name given to this new classroom is "La Caja".

After having been selected in the IV edition of Common Space as one of the beneficiary associations of the economic donation, Down Cádiz has been working on the reform and improvement of its facilities, through the construction of a classroom linked to the development of the Art Therapy Project , a Creativity and Emotion Management program.

During the pandemic, teachers and professionals at the center identified needs in students such as regaining confidence, joy and self-confidence. For this reason, they implemented this new module within their Academic Programming.

Art therapy is a practice that provides multiple benefits in terms of the treatment and management of emotions in people with intellectual disabilities: It helps reduce stress and anxiety, increases self-esteem and confidence, improves the ability to solve problems in new situations, teaches how to express feelings, improves interpersonal communication, develops emotional intelligence, allows you to work on any topic of interest through art, etc...

During the event, the center's management and teachers, accompanied by Irene, a Down Cádiz student, on behalf of her classmates, greatly appreciated the help that our Company has provided thanks to the important work of all Alestis employees who, With their votes, they made it possible for Down Cádiz to be one of the organizations selected in the contest.

The inauguration was attended, in addition to relatives of some of the center's students, by part of the Cádiz City Council government team: Paco Cano, Delegate for Municipal Heritage, Historical Heritage and the Presidency, and Eva Tubío, Delegate for Common Services, Housing and Health.

"Create smiles, improve self-esteem and ward off fears" are the objectives that have been proposed to achieve with this project, as Irene explained during the inauguration.

With this donation we have contributed to improving the quality of life of people with Down Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, providing the center with the necessary infrastructure for the development of this new Art Therapy program that does so much good for the students.


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