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Alestis joins the Dual FP programs with the first pilot program in Tecnobahía

The aeronautical sector requires a high level of qualification for production tasks, so the profiles from Vocational Training are essential to guarantee specialization in a sector that evolves technologically very quickly.

The Dual FP modality guarantees the transfer of knowledge between the company and the educational centers and is an effective way to bring the reality of the labor market closer to the degrees taught by specialized centers in the sector.

FP Dual is a modality of Vocational Training, which combines the development of training activities between the educational center and the company.

This collaboration translates into an improvement in the quality of training and the innovative potential of companies, increasing the general competitiveness of educational centers and the companies involved.

Alestis makes its debut in this training modality by welcoming a new trainee student who will carry out his training in the Manufacturing Engineering department of Tecnobahía.

The duration of the program is two years, during which it will have tutors both at the Educational Center and at Alestis, who will be in charge of monitoring and evaluating it so that it achieves the training and skills necessary for its incorporation into the world of work.

With this project we offer the possibility of obtaining a degree in a real work environment, adapting the training of candidates to the needs of the company as much as possible, thereby contributing to the development of professional and personal skills to improve the possibilities of insertion student employment.


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