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Aerópolis launches Lay Out and the implementation of Polaris in the A350 XWB Formers line

Identifying relevant improvements in consolidated programs is a challenge that the Aerópolis plant has been able to overcome with flying colors, achieving a reduction in hours of around 30% in the equipment of the A350 XWB Formers.

Reorganization of assembly flows

One of the main challenges identified was to have visibility of the progress of the product on the assembly line and for this, it has been necessary to reorganize the layout of the program, which initially occupied an area of ​​350m2 and with the new distribution, has remained concentrated in about 200m2, but with a clear flow of entry and exit of the product.

From the beginning of the process, the operator knows the volume of work to be carried out during his shift, since the load is already balanced in the dispatch carts for 8-hour shifts, with different colors for each shift, which allows visualization of the quickly and easily the degree of progress, as well as identifying the necessary replacement movements by the logistics service.

Added to this visual management is the clear division of jobs that has facilitated the optimization of resources, since each assembler has their own work card, with the exclusive tools to carry out the assigned activity.

All these changes have been carried out with a minimum investment and the reconditioning of existing A380 resources, such as the installation of compressed air, suction system, the luminaire and the adaptation of the A380 panel movement trolleys for the dispatch of the trainers.

Technology specialization

The specialization of the works according to the division by technologies carried out (assembly of nuts, equipment, sealant process, painting and verification) aims to achieve a double positive impact, on the one hand and already in progress, the optimization of assembly times and on the other, the reduction of quality problems identified in the integration process in Puerto Real.


We continue to advance with the implementation of Polaris in the Alestis plants: currently in the Formeros line of the A350 XWB, operators have direct access to the ITs necessary to adequately develop their activity and the next objective, in line with our commitment to sustainability, is the elimination of the Production Orders on paper, once we pass the planned internal audit.

The main improvement that this project has brought us has not been in cost or quality, but in the integration of a work group that has achieved much more ambitious objectives than those initially set, with creativity and always together with the staff of equipped formeros. A faithful reflection of the values that guide our Company. "

Juan Diego Vázquez, Director of the Aerópolis Plant

Continuous improvement During these months, many proposals have been executed that have contributed to reaching, today, 236 unit hours per plane in the Formeros program of the A350 XWB but from the plant, they already have a new, more competitive objective for this year: to reduce to 210 hours compared to the 260 contemplated in OP, for this, they will continue to implement projects already known to all, such as the application of sealant and paint in encapsulates and new improvements such as the establishment of a Kanban system for dispatching parts at points of consumption.



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