We look for upright professional, always will to go that extra mile, capable of taking on challeneges and responsabilities, who want to form part of a company which a leader in technologies of aeronautical manufacturing and which is developing and growing.

Why work at ALESTIS?

You will work part of a young, dynamic company

We develop talent and expertise through training programmes:

  • Languages
  • Technical training
  • Leadership and ability programmes

We offer opportunities for internal promotion

Attractive programme of social benefits

  • ALESTIS Club
  • Advantages and discounts at top-level insurance companies
Would you like to form part of ALESTIS?

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Meeting goals as part
of a team

Engineers with experience in manufacturing compound materials, lean manufacturing, quality, production, calculus, structure design and who speak fluent English. This is the most sought-after profile in our company.

People with management capabilities, both technical and as part of a team, who contribute experiences in multidisciplinary projects and in a changing setting.

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Develop your carreer in ALESTIS

In ALESTIS, we bet heavily on “Young Talent”. If you have just finished your students or will do so in the next year and you want to develop your career at a top-notch company within the aeronautic sector, then ALESTIS is your company.

As a participant in the ALESTIS scholarship programme, you will be assigned a tutor who will be responsible to guide your development in our company, including you in tasks and projects during the time you are at the company.

What are we looking for?

Recent graduates and university students studying a degree in Industrial Engineering, Aeronautics, Materials, Industrial Design or with a degree in Economics, Business, Marketing, Social Sciences…

People who are pro-active, willing to make a commitment in an exciting project, who can work in a team in a multidisciplinary environment.

What do we offer?
  • Paid scholarship programme
  • Full-time or part-time scholarship, for 6 or 12 month periods
  • Training organised by the company
Your future in ALESTIS

The participants in the scholarship programmes will be evaluated on their development and efficiency at the end of their period with us since one of the objectives of the programme is for the scholarship recipientes who receive a positive evaluation to become future company employees.

Work with us

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