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The Alestis Aerospace website, accessible at, is the property of and published by Alestis Aerospace Ltd. (Alestis) a Spanish company whose home address is Ingeniero Rafael Rubio Elola street, nº 1-A, Technological and Aerospace Park of Andalusia, CP 41300, La Rinconada, Seville, Spain, constituted indefinitely by means of public deed, and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Seville, on sheet no SE-74,725 and with fiscal identification number B 91668137.


General Conditions for Use


The use of this website makes the person who accesses it a User which carries with it the complete, unreserved acceptance of this Legal Notice, according to the version published at the moment of access.  Thus, with the access and use of the Alentis website, the User claims to be an adult (at least 18 years old) and agrees to follow this Legal Notice and all the policies and guides included herein, in the terms written at the time of access to the website, and clearly accepts that this consent has the same legal value as a written consent would.


The reach of this Legal Notice is limited to the objective described in it and will not take precedent over any agreements or contracts that the User might have directly with Alestis or any of the companies of the Alestis group.


If deemed necessary, Alestis could unilaterally and without warning, modify the configuration of this website, its conditions of service and its content, as well as eliminating, limiting, or suspending it (temporarily or permanently), or impeding access to it.




Correct use of the portal


Alestis concedes to the User the right to access and use this website in a personal, limited, non-exclusive nor transferable way.  Any other right is expressly excluded, except that which has been specifically conferred by means of a written agreement.  In this way, the content of this Legal Notice cannot be seen as the concession of a license in any way for the Alestis website, its contents and/or about Intellectual or Industrial Property rights contained in said website.


Due to this, this Legal Notice expressly excludes the concession to the User of the right to (I) use this website or its contents commercially (including texts, images, designs, etc.) (II) reproduce, represent, adapt and /or move all or part of this website and/or its contents.


In the case that the User was interested in obtaining the rights or license apart from the right of access and use conferred in the Legal Notice, he or she should contact Alestis by means of the following e-mail address:


The User guarantees that the activities that he/she will develop will in no case be offensive to the good name and commercial image of Alestis or of any of the companies that make up the group, to other users of the website or third parties.


Intellectual and Industrial Property


Alestis and its affiliates, as either owners or licensees, are the sole owners of the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights of this website, as well as the elements contained within it (texts, images, audio, video, software; brands or logos, colour combinations, structures, designs, etc.).  All rights reserved.


“Alestis Aerospace” and its logo are registered trademarks.


The User promises to respect the rights of the Alestis Intellectual and Industrial Property.  He/she can see the elements on the website and even print, copy or store them on a hard drive or in any other physical form but only when it is for his or her personal and private use and therefore is strictly forbidden for the information to be transferred, distributed, publicly communicated, made openly available or in any other way exploited, as well as its modification, alteration or dismantling.  Under no circumstances must the User delete, alter, elude or manipulate and protection of security system installed in the Alestis website.


Privacy and Data Protection Policy


Alestis gives priority to User information protection, and therefore has established the following privacy policy.


The safety and confidentiality of the data supplied by the Users of the Alestis website is guaranteed by Alestis, in conjunction with that stipulated in Organic Law 15/1999 about the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD) and the norm associated with it being carried out.


User information for the Alestis website could come from:


  • Information supplied by the User through means of contact (e-mail).
  • Registry processes used by certain services offered through the website.


The personal data collected on this website will be used to answer User requests and to supply Users with information about the Alestis Group, its products and promotional acts, except in those cases where other purposes exist and in which case express, specific consent is given for it.


Alestis guarantees the security and confidentiality of data of a personal nature given by users of the website and, thus, conforming with that established by Organic Law 15/1999 about the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD) and the norm associated with it being carried out.  Users are thereby informed and give their consent to the inclusion of their data to Adestis’ automated file system, and the automatic treatment of the same, to the ends cited above.


The Personal Data will be treated and incorporated into the corresponding automated files, which are found duly registered in the General Registry of Data Protection.


Alestis guarantees that it will adopt any necessary measure to assure confidential treatment of said data end will inform the User of the possibility of exercise the right, in agreement with Organic Law 15/1999 about the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD) and the norm associated with it being carried out, to gain access, rectify, cancel and oppose, by means of sending a letter to Alestis Aerospace, Ltd. Ingeniero Rafael Rubio Elola street, nº 1-A,  Technological and Aerospace Park of Andalusia, CP 41300, La Rinconada, Seville, Spain, indicating the information that he/she wishes to obtain, modify or  to be canceled.


It is in our best interest to make reference to the use of cookies, which are a small amount of information which is transformed from the website to the user’s computer and which allows for the identification of information about the visits and to check the activity of the web.  The idea of this is to obtain a better analysis of the preferences, visits, and the relation between the users and the website.


The goal of the use of cookies is to have a statistical understanding of the users, with the objective of improving our standards of service and promotions and the policy of quality, together with the interests of our users.


The user data could be transferred to companies associated with Alestis, which house websites and to third parties which collaborate in the design and use of the website, in carrying out their activities or for a statistical analysis, with the understanding that the user has given consent, but also keeping in mind that these possible third parties who receive the data will only use it for the work indicated, have been previously submitted to the obligation of maintaining privacy, respect of the privacy policy, and the norm about data protection.




Alestis assumes no responsibility derived from the incorrect, inappropriate, or illicit use of the information which appears on the Alestis website.


Alestis does not guarantee adaptation of the content of its website for neither commercial nor private purposes; and will assume no responsibility derived for the incorrectness, imprecision, or lack of updating of the data or information contained on said website.


Alestis assumes no legal responsibility for the exemplary, emergent, punitive, fortuitous, indirect, or special damages related with this website and which are derived from the same, having the parties prior knowledge or not, real or implied, to the damage which could be caused.


External links


The website is administered by Alestis Aerospace, Ltd.


Nevertheless, this website might contain links to other third party websites not related to Alestis.  The User accepts that going to these pages, even when it is done through the link found of the Alestis website, is done independently of Alestis and that Alestis maintains no control on the contents of these pages, nor does it guarantee anything with respect to them.


In this way, Alestis is not responsible for the links to third party websites not associated with Alestis and not, in particular, for the contents or policies of privacy of said pages.


Equally, Alestis is not responsible for the links to the Alestis website found on other third-party pages not associated with Alestis and expressly prohibits the establishment of such links without the previous  written consent of Alestis.


Non-Withdrawal Clause


Alestis does not withdraw the application of the clauses  found in this electronic document, even though a non-withdrawal even though a non-withdrawal of one of them might take effect at any time.


Questions of jurisdiction


This Legal Notice follows and will be interpreted by the standard of Spanish law.


Any controversy or complaint which might come up or be related to this Legal Notice or the access and/or use by the User of the Alestis website, is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Seville, Spain.


If any regulation of this Legal Notice were considered illegal, null or unable to be carried out for any reason, said regulation will be considered void and will not affect the validity or effectiveness of the rest of the regulations.  This Legal Notice constitutes the complete agreement between parties about the main material of the same and cannot be modified except by means of a signed agreement between parties.


Continuous improvement


Alestis is always willing to receive suggestions related to any aspect of its business activity and specifically as it relates to this Legal Notice.  We are thankful for the users to send us any kind of feedback to its improvement by sending it to the following address: