• A320Neo
  • HTP
  • A330Neo
  • Pax Door
  • A350 XWB
  • Belly Fairing
  • Tail Cone
  • A380
  • MLGD
  • Panels Belly Fairing
  • A400M
  • Cowlings
  • Elevators
  • B777
  • Ailerons & Flaperons
  • B787-9
  • Tips
  • Strakelets
  • C295/CN235
  • Rear Fuselage
  • HTP / VTP
  • E190 / 195
  • Wing Stub
  • Winglet
Logistics support
Customer Service

“Deliver spares on time, on quality and on cost during whole aircraft life”

  • RTN, CRT and AOG (24/7, 365 Days a Year) services for all customers
  • Spare Parts engineering and configuration management
  • Full dedicated team ensuring OTD

Services: “Multifunctional team with full knowledge on metal assembly operations and composite component repair at the customer installations”

  • MRTT Central Fuselage Systems & Structure
  • S19.1 A350XWB & Belly Fairing A350XWB and A380 support at TLS FAL.
  • A350XWB Belly Fairing and LR Pax door St. Nazaire
  • Under Electrical, hydraulical and composites repair certification process
  • A400M, A320 Composite Component repair at FAL
  • C295 composite Component repair on in-service Aircrafts
Technical support
Customer Service

“Specific team responsible to perform the necessary investigation to solve an incidence in service”

  • Aircraft On Ground Technical Support.
  • Service Bulletins
  • Technical Publications (SRM, Maintenance Manuals, etc…)
  • GSE Definition and Technical Specification

AOG: “Team of experts ensuring Technical Support 24/7, 365 Days a Year Training”

Structural courses: During 2015 a Training Organization has been created to provide our customers ALESTIS experience in Aerostructures in service support teaching 21 courses during 2015 for different Air forces:

  • Structure Maintenance for Technicians Course
  • Basic Composite Repair for Technicians Course
  • Advanced Composite Repair for Technicians Course
  • Structural Repair for Engineers Composite Structure Course
  • Structural Repair for Engineers Metallic Structure Course