Precision and quality technology that meets the most demanding cost-saving specifications defines the culture of Alestis Aerospace

ALESTIS AEROSPACE is a first level supplier (Tier-1) of aerostructures, a leader in engineering and manufacturing technologies of composite materials, which participates in the most relevant programs of the largest manufacturers in the sector such as Airbus, Boeing or Embraer. Core business is the manufacture of composite aerostructures, developing engineering, design, development, manufacturing and product support projects for complex aerostructures.


  • Seville:
  • - Aerópolis: Assembly plant for Boeing and Embraer products.

    - San Pablo: Manufacturing plant specialized in Hand Lay Up.

    - Oficinas Centrales: Engineering and Corporate Center.

  • Getafe: Engineering Center.
  • Cádiz:
  • - Tecnobahía (Puerto Santa María, Cádiz): Center of Excellence for automated manufacturing of composite materials.

    - Puerto Real (Cádiz): Assembly of large aerostructures for Airbus programs.

  • Vitoria: Reference plant in metal fabrication and subassembly.
  • Brasil:
  • - Sao José Dos Campos (Sao Paulo): Manufacturing plant specialized in Hand Lay Up Composite. It is the largest in South America.

  • Seattle (USA): Representative Office.
  • Harbin (China): Representative Office.

Contribute to the success of our customers with the best products and services during the aerostructures life cycle, through the most efficient and profitable processes, as well as generating value for our partners and employees.


Become a profitable company that operates in a global business in the aerostructures segment, considered within the top ten Tier 1 by OEMs and recognized for the contribution to society and the environment. Equally important is to favor employee satisfaction


Compromiso: Attitude of the individual who, voluntarily and beyond the strict fulfillment of his obligations, understands that he is an active and positive protagonist of what happens in his environment, contributing his best to do in each moment.


Credibility, reliability and confidence: Percepción de nuestros clientes externos e internos de seguridad en la Perception of our external and internal clients of truthfulness in the fulfillment of the commitments acquired through proven experiences.


Integrity and transparency: Act in coherence with our values ​​in our work, responding to the responsibilities assumed and truthfully showing the reality of the actions carried out.


Innovation: Generate value through the creation and modification of products, services and processes that provide different solutions.


Teamwork: Collectively, collaborating and sharing knowledge and experiences, in order to achieve common goals and objectives.


Excellence: Act to obtain results of outstanding quality, which result in the achievement of our objectives efficiently.


Knowledge and talent: Aptitude for the performance of the assigned functions by means of the capture of faculties and knowledge on the part of the individual, to improve the results of the company.



Alestis Aerospace's commitment to society is materialized in the development and promotion of initiatives focused on improving the quality of life of people in the communities where we operate, through sponsorship, patronage and other forms of collaboration. These actions must be carried out in accordance with the internal regulations defined for this purpose and must be carried out in a transparent manner, always pursuing the general interest.

The commitment to safety means reaching the highest levels of health and safety in our work environment. We must know the legislation, policies and procedures related to it and strictly comply with them, ensuring that we all have and use the necessary means to carry out our activity with the appropriate safety and hygiene measures.

At Alestis Aerospace we encourage contributions with proposals and ideas for improvements that make the work environment a safer and more productive place.

On the other hand, we are aware of the impact of our activity on the environment. In this sense, we are committed to carrying out sustainable business practices that respect the environment, being our obligation to minimize the impacts of our activity, effectively manage waste, conserve and save energy and other resources.

Actions taken to date:

Campaña Recogida de Alimentos

Food collection campaign:

We collaborate with the Food Bank through our "Kilo Operation" food collection campaign, carried out in all of the Company's work centers (Seville, Cádiz, Getafe and Vitoria).


Fair Trade baskets

We use Fair Trade baskets as a prize in our contest "Draw your Christmas", composed of quality products, most of ecological origin. We contribute to improve the living conditions of families and communities of farmers from Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Proyecto Hombre

We signed a collaboration agreement with the foundations of Proyecto Hombre: CES Sevilla, CES Jerez and Jeiki Vitoria, through which we assume the expenses of rehabilitation and social and labor reintegration of a person under one of the Proyecto Hombre programs, during a full year


Madre Coraje/ Impacto Solidario

The Environment area, integrated in the Department of Excellence System & Global Transformation, works on the development of the commitment to environmental protection, through a Plan based on the Company's Environmental Policy. This commitment has generated several collaborations with various NGOs in the field of waste collection, which act directly as authorized waste managers or as intermediaries, establishing contracts with authorized final managers. The benefits obtained from carrying out the different works are destined to humanitarian work. The collaboration has been carried out with Mother Courage and Solidarity Impact.


Common Space Contest

We provide non-profit entities, proposed by our own employees, with a certain economic amount. The selection is made by the employees themselves among all the applications submitted.

III Edition of the Common Space Contest

Soon: III Edition of the Common Space Contest